Over the last year, enhancements to MindTouch analytics functions emerged as a top request from our customers. Beyond the rich data MindTouch already captures around content value, customers wanted to see the why and how behind the health of their knowledge bases.

Specifically, who is adding content, when are they adding it, how, and where?

To provide better data analytics within the product, we are adding three new Contribution reports to the MindTouch platform:

  • Site Contributions
  • User Comparison
  • Group Comparison

MindTouch customers will be able to use these analytics via the reporting capabilities to improve their processes and deliver a more complete and effective body of content to internal and external users. Not only are these analytics reports easier to use and share across teams, but they’re designed to limit time-consuming manual processes—no need to create, link, and maintain multiple spreadsheets to get the insights you need.

When to expect it: We will be rolling out the new Contribution reports globally to all MindTouch customers running the current version during the coming weeks. We will also be providing additional resources to help you make the most of all the improvements coming your way. Read on for a preview of the upcoming analytics capabilities.

Site Contributions report

Wouldn’t it be nice to know how many times your site contributors complete certain actions on the site? The Site Contributions report provides a birds-eye view of all contributions that occurred across your site, namely, how many times users created, edited, moved, or deleted content.

User Comparison report

With the User Comparison report, you can compare how individual contributors are performing on your site. This report can also be filtered by date range and contribution type and visualizes the data so you easily see how users compare. Additionally, you can drill into specific details regarding which articles were impacted by a contribution.

Filter the User Comparison report by:

  • Multiple users to create a personalized leaderboard
  • An individual to help inform coaching sessions
  • A group to see how the users within a specific group are performing

Group Comparison report

Especially in larger organizations, multiple groups contribute content to the site, and for different purposes. The Group Comparison report lets you see and compare how these various groups are performing. This report can also be filtered by date range and contribution type. Again, the reports include visualizations that make it easy to see how different groups—or users within certain groups—compare.

Put valuable content into the hands of customers more efficiently

These new Contribution reports are built on a powerful analytics platform that lets users explore date ranges, drill into specific information, and export to various formats. In addition, these reports can be downloaded or scheduled for email delivery at a recurring timeframe.

Most importantly, though, these reports help MindTouch customers answer a couple of important questions based on hard data:

  • How do we get content to the consumer faster?
  • Are we making the improvements needed to improve customer experience and prevent new tickets?
  • Do we have the right number of resources to create the knowledge content we need?

If you are a MindTouch customer and have questions about these new features, please contact your Customer Success Manager (csm@mindtouch.com). As always, stay tuned here for updates about future launches.

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